Lay out which clothes are still new, which are barely used, and which could be recycled. At this point, deciding on what to do with your clothes depends entirely on your preference. For example, you can sell new and barely used items.

This rule works the same way in regard to shoes and sneakers. Then decide which patterns and colors work well together.

Our Recycled Clothing stores are all about “opportunity” – the opportunity to discover exciting new fashion labels and pre-loved items at great prices, while raising funds to .
Our Recycled Clothing stores are all about “opportunity” – the opportunity to discover exciting new fashion labels and pre-loved items at great prices, while raising funds to .
Clothing Recycling You really shouldn’t donate your poor-condition clothing to a thrift store — you’ll waste their time when it comes time to sort, and if you’re getting rid of it because of its condition, you can bet no one else will want to wear it, either.
Shop direct the worlds leading wholesale vintage clothing company.
Shop direct the worlds leading wholesale vintage clothing company.

Shop direct the worlds leading wholesale vintage clothing company.

Compliment the look with a utility jacket or matching scarf. Compliment it with a denim jacket and matching scarf. All you need is: Never be afraid to be bold! Ryan Del Villar is a freelance writer who is an advocate for self sufficiency. He always believed in the potential of having less, yet functional, material possessions. As a profession, Ryan is the content editor for Genie Recycling , a website that promotes repurposing old garments. Want to see more stories, tips and finds from fellow thrift shoppers, as well as notifications on upcoming sales and promotions?

Sign up for our weekly newsletter at iShopThrifty. How to Mix and Match Recycled Clothes. Clean Up Your Wardrobe First, look in your wardrobe and see what can be altered and repaired. Add Sophistication with Accessories Women tend to acquire many accessories over the years. Repair and Alter Recycled Clothes Some clothes and accessories really stand out on their own, so be careful to not go overboard with creativity. Be Creative This is the most exciting part!

Here are some suggestions: Repurposed velvet is a great option for jewelry box lining. Your old t-shirt that only cost a couple of dollars could be reborn into a crisp one hundred dollar bill!

Want another way for your old clothes to keep you warm? Set them on fire! No seriously, clothes that are doomed to the landfill are collected and packed into fuel bricks in some parts of Europe. A little ingenuity and technical skill can go a long way in repurposing old garments. In Kenya, large pieces of imperfect clothing are cut to make baby clothes.

Designs by Bottletop are a work of art for the craftsman and consumer alike. Blending design with technique across cultures, Bottletop creates collections that celebrate true craftsmanship. The creation of Bottletop products not only enhance the techniques of some of the most highly skilled artisans from around the world but our training programs enable others to join them, supporting themselves and their families in the process.

Our vision is for all young people worldwide to be equipped with the necessary health education, transferable skills and self-confidence necessary to make healthy, informed choices and achieve their full potential.

Amazing deals on Summer clothing and footwear perfect for hiking, cycling, fitness, travel and adventure! They are a company with a conscience and are passionate about supporting brands with strong ethical and environmental values. Nature Shop is mindful of all that they do as a company and are proud to stock high quality, premium clothing and footwear brands with ethical and visible supply chains. Nature Shop currently stock amazing brands including: It is our vision to sell products that are produced with environmental and social responsibility in mind and that is how we choose our brands.

The impact of mass produced, low quality clothing and footwear on our precious environment and communities is immense and we hope to encourage people to be more conscious of where their products come from and the effect of their production. We believe positive actions, no matter how big or small, towards respecting our planet and all its inhabitants, can make a difference and we hope our small actions will contribute to making our world a better place.

Recycle your jeans into …a stylish new pair of shoes, meaning you can personally benefit from your recycling. All recycling occurs in the UK so the carbon footprint of recycling is low too. This collection of jewellery is made from unwanted materials such as recycled glass and coconut shell and is produced by craft groups in developing counties.

The concept behind the Hetty Rose brand is based on a theory of re-using and re-working vintage materials in a creative and sustainable way, hand making shoes to fit perfectly. A timeless jewellery collection made using gems and natural stones from fair trade suppliers, vintage jewellery, with metals from eco-friendly producers and recycled sources. Kate recycles biscuit tins to make her unique jewellery range that includes necklaces, earrings, brooches and a selection of wedding jewellery.

A stunning collection of handmade footwear crafted from vintage fabrics. A stunning ethical Womenswear collection; each item is hand embellished and made from sustainable, organic, recycled and locally produced textiles. We bring together fair trade, organic. Each item is carefully selected to create a unique collection for the stylish, individual and fashionable woman. A striking collection of handmade vintage jewellery, each piece is unique. Recycled and reclaimed materials are used wherever possible.

Beautiful hand made shoes, made using traditional artisanal methods. Created using natural products from sustainably managed sources and recycled materials.

A unique collection of recycled and reused jewellery made from jewels, lace, pendants and gems the artist finds on her travels.

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