Shop top brands for men's swimsuits from Speedo®, QuikSilver®, Under Armour®, Crocs® and many others. Get the sleek, drag-minimizing look and feel of men’s jammers, square legs or briefs, or relax poolside in board shorts or men's swim trunks.

Bold contrasting colors Pockets are very small Waist string is unreliable. To get the suit that fits you well, you should take your measurement and compare the various brands you come across to determine whether it will size you. The neon drawstring adds a nice pop, but these are also available with button closures if you prefer a slightly cleaner look.

Shop top brands for men's swimsuits from Speedo®, QuikSilver®, Under Armour®, Crocs® and many others. Get the sleek, drag-minimizing look and feel of men’s jammers, square legs or briefs, or relax poolside in board shorts or men's swim trunks.
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How to Choose a Men's Lap Swimming Suit There are a surprising number of choices to make when it comes to purchasing a men's lap swimming suit. Designs and features to consider include the length of the suit, the style, the fabric, and more.
Shop top brands for men's swimsuits from Speedo®, QuikSilver®, Under Armour®, Crocs® and many others. Get the sleek, drag-minimizing look and feel of men’s jammers, square legs or briefs, or relax poolside in board shorts or men's swim trunks.
Men have never had more swimsuit options to choose from before! With so many different prints, colors, fits, and brands, the world of swimsuits is your oyster. However, it's crucial to pick the right trunks.

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Colors play an important role here. You should look for your popular theme. If there are other features you want to see in your swimsuits, you have to bear them in mind while shopping for one. There are different designs, always make a choice based on your preferences. The pattern you want for your swimsuit also matters a lot while making a choice.

While choosing colors and design, you should be conscious of those of them that would become transparent when they are wet such as white and light colors. Many people often opt for dark and plain colors because they are of better quality than most other colors. There are other features you have to consider when you want to purchase a swimsuit.

You have to consider those features you want in the clothes that make them wearable, attractive, and comfortable. You have to consider the type of pockets, panels, and other features available on the clothes that you want to buy.

The costs are determined by different factors such as the size, the type of materials or fabrics used in the suit. When you consider the cost, you should always make a budget based on your preferences and taste. If you buy suits that are made from inferior materials it would not serve your purpose, but they are likely to be cheaper.

Those factors that could affect the cost include the color pattern and so on. Always narrow down your choice until you make a selection of the quality you can easily afford. Another major challenge, shoppers encounter while searching for their desired swimsuits is the best place they can get a good deal.

The products are available at different outlets. Many buyers across the world would always want to source the item from eBay, Amazon and other popular online merchants.

These outlets are the first place to consider because of the various options available. If you shop at Amazon or eBay, you will see different brands, sizes, colors, patterns, and different designs that would attract your attention. The problem is no longer the availability, but that of choice. You can easily narrow down your choice when you consider each brand using different criteria. Apart from the internet, you can buy them locally.

These factors are your personal preferences and cost. While considering the issue of cost and preferences, you should always bear in mind that fit, size, durability is very important. There will be no difficulties about choice because there are various online sources you can compare different products and make a decision based on your conviction. The information provided in this buyers guide will go a long way in assisting you to make a right choice.

The first swimsuit a man ever wore was most likely his birthday suit, and he went in the water after a fish, not amusement. He quickly discovered, however, that being in the water felt good — and swimming was born. That basic swimsuit design stayed fairly constant up through ancient Roman times, where men still chose to swim in the nude.

When men did cover themselves, they used something similar to a loincloth. When the Middle Ages rolled around, religious norms frowned on swimming and outdoor bathing in general, so there was no need for a bathing suit at all. People around this time were generally uptight enough that they likely wore underwear beneath their underwear.

People started to lighten up a little bit around the 18th century C. Swimming outdoors began to be popular again, but in some places dipping in the nude was forbidden for men over 10 years old.

Men were expected to wear caleçons, which were undergarments resembling modern boxer shorts. In other areas, men still bathed nude, restricting themselves to one end of the water while women stayed fully clothed on the other.

The first specially-designed swimsuit rolled around in , and it looked remarkably similar to today's models. Some were even available in leopard and zebra print, because our great-great-granddads knew how to party.

That wild-and-crazy spirit didn't last long, however, as Victorian contempt for any sort of exposed skin soon dictated that men cover their bare chests while swimming. Men were forced to wear form-fitting wool clothes with long sleeves, called "tank suits," which looked more like long underwear than a bathing suit. In the Roaring '20s, people became more image conscious, and tanned skin was in vogue, so swimsuits began to show a little more skin. Men still wore one-piece suits, but these cut off at the mid-thigh, and had generous armholes, resembling a wrestling singlet.

This soon transitioned into bare-chestedness, as the upper half of the suit was abandoned and simple trunks were worn. By the Olympics, briefs were seen as acceptable, in large part due to fabric shortages caused by WWII. Speedos took this one step further in the s, and they remain synonymous with, shall we say, "snug" bathing suits to this day. Board shorts, cut-off jeans, and even corduroy suits have all been attempted, but most men's options today are limited to trunk- or brief-styles in nylon or Lycra.

As a result, there's never been a better time to get an eyeful of the male physique — well, unless you count most of early human history. Trying on swimsuits can be nerve-wracking, and it can seem like every single one is conspiring against you to make you look bad.

If you know how to shop for one, though, you can get one that makes you feel comfortable and look fantastic. The purpose of the suit should be the primary driving factor in your purchase. If you plan on actually swimming in it, you'll want something form-fitting and small, with minimal fabric.

If you're just looking to sit on the beach in it, your comfort is the main criteria, as well as how much skin you're going to want to slather sunscreen on. Next, consider your body type. If you're on the shorter side, your suit should be as well, since a shorter cut will make your legs look longer. Taller guys can wear just about anything , but should probably err towards longer shorts, ones that stop just short of the knee. This helps create defined lines while balancing the ratio of shorts to exposed skin.

If you're thin as a rail, opt for a more form-fitting suit, as you don't want all that extra cloth clinging to you in the water. Bigger guys should look for flat-front shorts, preferably with an elastic waistband. Darker hues will look more sophisticated, but might also seem a bit basic. You can go daring with loud, brash colors, but be prepared for the attention you'll receive. They have a zip pocket at the side, and a tie closure.

Sizing can be somewhat inconsistent, but a pair will either be a little small or just right. If you are looking for a pair of swim trunks with some flair, the brief-style Summer Stripes trunks from Koson-Man is a great option. The shorts have a comfy mesh-lined interior and ample storage between their side-seam pockets and welted back pockets.

Color selections range from black to grey, but this only makes the color accents more striking. If you are looking for a slimming pair of trunks that show a little extra leg, the Earl swim shorts are a great pick. Their stretchier fabric offers comfort and flexibility, and it repels water without sacrificing breathability.

As usual, Hurley swimwear offers comfort and flexibility for lounging, swimming, or surfing — whatever you want.

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