Brogue definition, an Irish accent in the pronunciation of English. See more.

If you find an item you don't recognize, select it from your inventory to inspect it. Added Scrolls of Shattering.

Brogue definition, an Irish accent in the pronunciation of English. See more.
The Definition of Brogue. The term brogue also refers to an Irish accent and is generally used to describe certain other regional accents from the United Kingdom, namely from .
brogue 1 (brōg) n. 1. A heavy shoe of untanned leather, formerly worn in Scotland and Ireland. 2. A strong oxford shoe, usually with ornamental perforations or wingtips. [Irish and Scottish Gaelic bróg, from Old Irish bróc, shoe, possibly from Old Norse brōk, legging, or from Old English brōc; see breech.] brogue 2 (brōg) n. A strong dialectal.
The Definition of Brogue. The term brogue also refers to an Irish accent and is generally used to describe certain other regional accents from the United Kingdom, namely from .
The Definition of Brogue. The term brogue also refers to an Irish accent and is generally used to describe certain other regional accents from the United Kingdom, namely from .

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Explosive creatures have an intense orange glow. Added easy mode activation to the action menu. Item descriptions reveal what depth the item was found on, and item descriptions for staffs reveal how many turns it typically takes to recover a charge.

Fixed a crash when a vampire summoned bats. Fixed a crash when exploring goblin warrens. Fixed a bug that could cause certain door-opening pressure plates to be walled off from the level. Fixed a bug that double-counted weakness status penalties against the player. Fixed a bug that allowed monsters to escape from webs and nets faster than the player. Fixed several sources of out-of-sync errors during replays and saved game reloading.

Spectral clones of explosive or infected enemies created by armor of multiplicity do not explode or infect upon death or expiration. Split clones of mutated jellies will properly inherit any mutation effects of their progenitor.

Fixed several bugs with replay UI. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused polymorph to do nothing when the randomly chosen polymorph type was already the type of the monster. Fixed a bug that permitted allies to cast bolts at reflective opponents. Redesigned the stealth system to promote transparency and tactical interest. Your stealth range is listed on the side bar and may optionally be displayed on the map. Redesigned ally progression to make allies feel less compulsory and capricious.

A charge from the new Wand of Empowerment will permanently increase the combat abilities of a monster and allow it to absorb one ability from a fallen enemy. Allies that are empowered and subsequently negated will be able to re-learn their lost abilities.

Score upon victory is determined exclusively by gold, the amulet and lumenstones; other items are not counted. To compensate, the amulet is worth 35, gold instead of 10, Implemented conduct challenges, which are listed on the death and victory screens as appropriate but otherwise do not affect the game or score.

Scrolls of recharging no longer affect wands. Food generation is slightly more generous, and somewhat less predictable. Added a new trap: Added a new charm type: Added a new quest room: When equipping armor, the armor value will rise from zero over several turns to discourage frequent armor swapping.

Wands of domination and plenty are less common. Added axe and spear attack patterns to certain monsters. Negation charms have limited range, which increases with the enchantment level of the charm.

Pressure plates are no longer activated by items floating onto them or by aquatic monsters in water. Grappling monsters have more health. Damage from poison, caustic gas, steam, burning, mutuality and reprisal now ignore magical protection status. Poison damage pops up temporary alerts similar to health alerts. Summoners can continue to summon while they are fleeing.

Drinking a potion of descent will cause you to fall unless you are levitating, irrespective of the terrain you are standing on. Pit bloats are a lighter shade of blue. Bloodwort pods no longer appear in the side bar; only the stalk is listed.

Accumulated gold is described on the game over screen. Guarding and worshiping monsters will mill about more randomly. Centaurs and spiders will launch their projectile attacks whether or not the enemy is reflective. Shattering will free dormant creatures trapped within. Guardians hit harder, and monsters avoid them better.

Potions of purple gas and pink jellies are referred to as caustic rather than poisonous. Monsters that learn to fly will lose the ability to submerge and will no longer be constrained to liquids.

Creatures launched by weapons of force will damage in addition to being damaged by the enemy that they slam into. Gouts of flame appear when monsters are consumed by lava, similar to items. Fixed message color issues when one ally kills another discordant ally. Tweaked negation order of operations so negating an infected golem won't release spores. Fixed a bug that caused certain creatures to flee at the start of a level.

Fixed some edge case bugs that resulted in malformed machine rooms and bridges. Fixed bugs related to naming items. Fixed bug that caused discordant monkey or imp allies to flee forever if they steal an item while discordant. The latest version can be downloaded at http: I can be reached at penderprime gmail. Tips Scrolls of Enchantment are unique to Brogue and are indispensable to the success of any character.

Using one will permanently make a single item more powerful. Enchanting a weapon provides a boost to both its damage and accuracy and also lowers its strength requirement. Enchanting a suit of armor increases its effectiveness and also lowers its strength requirement.

Enchanting a ring increases the power of its magical effect. Enchanting a staff increases both its effect and its maximum number of charges.

Enchanting a wand gives it additional disposable charges. If you encounter a monster that you haven't seen before, examine the monster with the mouse or by pressing tab. If you find an item you don't recognize, select it from your inventory to inspect it. Unlike wands, staves are permanent magical items. They have a maximum number of charges and will recharge from empty to full over a set period of time -- which means that increasing the maximum number of charges also increases the speed with which a single charge regenerates.

If you use a Scroll of Identify to identify a staff, its current and maximum charges will be permanently revealed. This is particularly useful for the Staff of Blinking, since its maximum distance will be illustrated while aiming the staff.

If you zap with a staff when it has no charges, nothing will happen, but the maximum number of charges will be permanently revealed. Rings impart a magical effect on their wearer as long as they are worn. They impose no cost to nutrition or otherwise, but only two may be worn at the same time. Certain weapons, suits of armor and rings are cursed; they will start with negative enchantments and cannot be removed while the curse remains.

Reading a scroll of remove curse will lift curses from all of the items in your inventory at once. Enchanting an item or protecting a suit of armor or a weapon will also remove a curse from that item. Cursed rings can be especially deadly to a character without means of removing the curse. When you first equip a weapon or suit of armor, you will not know if it already has magical enchantments.

If you use the item for long enough, its enchantments will be revealed. Armor and weapons that are found in the dungeon with positive or negative enchantments might also have rare and powerful runic abilities. These will not be apparent at first. Some of them will be revealed when they activate. The rest will be flagged as "unknown runic" when you've used them for long enough. In any case, a Scroll of Identify will instantly reveal the item's runic enhancement, if it has one. You can equip an item even if you don't exceed the strength requirement, but your combat prowess or defense will suffer proportionally.

The strength requirement can be lowered by enchanting the weapon or armor with a scroll of enchantment. The only way to raise your own strength is by drinking a potion of strength. Some weapons have different attack patterns. Spears and war pikes hit an adjacent enemy and the one behind it.

Axes and war axes hit all adjacent enemies. Maces and war hammers inflict very high damage but require an extra turn afterward to recover after a successful attack. Rapiers hit half as hard but twice as fast, and provide a free lunge attack triple damage, never misses when you directly approach an enemy.

Whips automatically attack from up to five spaces away horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Flails automatically attack any adjacent enemy when you step between two spaces that are adjacent to the enemy. Weapons and armor may be protected from corrosion with a Scroll of Protect Weapon or Armor.

Unless protected, striking an acid mound will weaken a weapon, and being struck by an acid mound or a projectile from an acid turret will weaken a suit of armor. Positive runics will be permanently lost from an item if the item is corroded to an enchantment level of zero. The monsters of the dungeon do not reserve all of their aggression for you: Once freed, these captives will follow you and fight by your side through thick and thin.

Staves of Healing, Haste and Protection can be put to good use on your allies. Wands of Empowerment will make them more powerful, and enable them to learn a new ability from a fallen opponent. Potions of incineration can spell the untimely end of an unprepared character. It's best to try unidentified potions near a body of water to extinguish any resulting flames -- but be careful, because if the burning liquid touches deep water, the cavern may quickly fill with scalding steam. When aiming a projectile or magical bolt, it is often possible to hit targets that at first seem out of reach.

Try adjusting the targeting reticule to a position behind them. Physically attacking a monster that has not noticed the player -- that is asleep or wandering, or that is paralyzed -- makes for a very powerful attack: It can be effective to lurk just behind a door that you know a monster is approaching and ambush it when it opens the door.

Your stealth range is affected by your armor, invisibility, the local light level, rings of stealth and whether you spent the previous turn resting.

Mud-filled bogs will gradually accumulate a layer of swamp gas. Any creature, no matter how powerful, will lose at least half of its maximum health from a single explosion. It is generally optimal to eat a ration of food as soon as your character becomes hungry.

No nutrition will be wasted with this approach. Eating an item of food is the only way to recover nutrition, and there is no way around the requirement. Do not spend too much time in familiar territory or you may find yourself without sufficient food to survive. The only purpose of gold is to establish a character's score upon death or victory. Deeper levels contain pit traps, fire traps, gas traps, net traps and flood traps.

If you know where they are, you can trigger them from a distance by tossing an item onto their pressure plates. Levels can generally be explored fully without venturing into or over lava, chasms, traps or deep water. If no path presents itself, search along likely walls with the search command.

Scrolls are flammable and will be lost to brushfires if lying on the ground. Do not be discouraged by the difficulty of the game. Very few characters will survive the Dungeons of Doom, but your odds will improve enormously once you're acquainted with the dungeon's treasures and inhabitants. For an easier challenge, examine the "Brogue seed catalog. Added a new key room. Like auto-resting, searching is interrupted by certain events, but can be resumed without penalty. Monsters can notice you from twice as far away during searching.

Automatic searching that occurs with each turn including when enhanced by the Ring of Awareness will occur only once per location, so lingering on a space will not reveal additional secrets. Allies and wands of empowerment are much less common, and powerful allies ogres, trolls and naga appear on deeper depths.

Maces and hammers knock your opponent backward one space when they hit, as do ogres and monsters with the juggernaut mutation. Spears and war pikes will attack from two spaces away. Added some monster classes used by armor of immunity and weapons of slaying , and completed some classes that were missing some thematically appropriate monsters. Phoenix eggs are immune to weapons.

Lumenstones will stack with other lumenstones from the same depth without taking inventory space. Aggravate Monster scrolls and alarm traps will cause affected enemies to rush the player, even if they normally maintain distance or avoid corridors.

Auto-rest is interrupted if harmful or obstructive terrain appears or disappears in any of the four spaces next to the player. For example, the auto-rest command can be used to wait until adjacent fire extinguishes, or adjacent gas dissipates, or adjacent obstruction crystals dissolve. Items will keep the same inventory letter when picked up a second time, unless the letter has been taken.

Lumenstones stack only with other lumenstones from the same depth. Confirmation is required before voluntarily entering paralysis or confusion gas. Charms of shattering describe their radius. Staffs whose max charges but not current charges have been identified will describe their recharge rate. Converted all floating point math that can substantively affect gameplay into fixed point to increase portability of saved games and recordings between platforms.

Fixed a bug that prevented monsters and allies from casting discord unless the target would also have been a valid negation target. Fixed inaccuracy in the description of transference rings. Fixed a longstanding bug that would rarely cause items to generate inside of walls.

Fixed a bug that unsettlingly caused resurrected allies to keep burning if they were burning when they died. Fixed a bug that allowed a seizing monster krakens or bog monsters to maintain their grip around a corner that obstructed melee attacks. Fixed a bug that caused allies in the grip of a seizing monster to stop attacking and give up when the player was more than 11 spaces away.

Fixed a bug that permitted monsters to be polymorphed into phoenixes which would not drop eggs when they died or mangrove dryads which would be unable to attack the player effectively. Fixed a bug that caused enchanted whips to be disproportionately likely to be runic relative to comparable weapons.

Fixed items and creatures burning up when they land on a temporary hole in a lava field created by descent or pit bloat. Fixed creatures fleeing over sanctuary glyphs.

Fixed a bug that let monsters drop items on steam vents. Fixed a bug that would prevent auto-ID of commuted rings of known enchantment level but unknown type. Fixed a bug that prevented allied krakens from learning from flying enemies. Cursed items will no longer appear in vaults.

The food clock is significantly tighter. Summoned allies reveal themselves to you telepathically, as do normal allies that have traveled with you for some time and monsters under the influence of a staff of entrancement. Poisonous melee attacks will stack, and poisonous monsters will not flee when you are poisoned. Attempting to move while seized by a grappling monster that you can see krakens, bog monsters will not cause you to lose a turn.

Staffs recharge with a slight degree of randomness so players will not be coerced into counting turns to derive the charge level of an unidentified staff. Teleportation will try to move the player at least a certain pathing distance from where she started. Allies will more reliably flee from monsters when appropriate instead of casting spells, and monsters that maintain distance will more reliably flee from allies. Increased the total number of lumenstones generated from 23 to Addressed an exploit known as stair-dancing by allowing monsters moving between depths to displace any monster or player already standing at the entrance to the destination staircase.

Allies no longer continue to increase in power past depth Fixed a bug that caused protection status on the player to wear off too slowly. Fixed a bug that caused staffs recharged by a scroll or charm of recharging to take a long time to recover subsequent charges. Fixed a bug that caused the inventory display to occasionally misalign the detect magic glyphs.

Fixed a bug that could cause certain bridges to terminate in water. Fixed a bug that allowed the player to blink onto the staircase tile. Fixed a bug that prevented guards of captive monsters from approaching their captive to attack it.

Fixed a bug that allowed fire-immune allies to cast firebolts from within explosive gas. Fixed a bug that caused flying monsters to avoid poisonous lichen in some contexts, even though it cannot harm them. Several new monster types that appear exclusively as allies, and a new quest room in which they appear. New weakness status effect that can be inflicted temporarily by centipedes. Equipped items are listed at the top of the inventory and separated from the remainder of the items by a one-line divider.

The names of unknown item types are displayed with purple coloration. A few more pieces of information are included in item description screens. Visible items on the floor are listed in the sidebar below monsters. The variance of gold generated as a function of depth has been tightened substantially between games so that score better reflects depth assuming that one finds all of the gold. Targeting will default to the last confirmed target when it remains a valid and appropriate target.

Throwing an item will auto-target a monster only if the item is a weapon or potion. Calling an item a blank string instead of pressing escape will remove any existing inscription and revert to, e. Coloration of locked doors is more distinctive, and water is a deeper blue.

Fleeing monkeys stop fleeing if they drop your item to water currents. Allies will no longer cast negation at reflective opponents. Allies can again absorb invisibility from defeated enemies. Rings of regeneration have been nerfed at high enchantment levels, so that they will never permit full regeneration in less than two to three turns. Hallucination potions that have been affected by detect magic will auto-identify when thrown.

Title screen colors are somewhat calmer. Lots of bug fixes. How to Play Move around the dungeon with the mouse, the vi-keys hjklyubn or keypad keys. The arrow keys will also work, but they do not allow diagonal movement. Other commands are as listed in the help screen, which you can access by typing a question mark or clicking on the "Menu" button at the bottom of the screen. Certain terrain features locked doors, stairs, altars, etc. The dungeon generation code has been rewritten from scratch, and the dungeon is generated with several new basic room shapes.

The rapier deals slightly more damage, requires 15 strength, and will perform a triple-damage never-miss lunge attack if you are one space away from an enemy and step directly toward it. Runic effects on rapiers are also more likely to trigger. Brief flashes of light are displayed to indicate discovered secrets and other events.

The deepest dungeon depth is now 40 instead of , and it contains a reward for players skillful and insane enough to reach it. Groups of monsters will now swarm their enemies more intelligently.

Plate armor now grants a base armor value of 11, down from Natural crystal formations reflect magical bolts.

Removed scrolls and charms of fear. A type of item will automatically become identified if it is the last type of that item category not to be identified. All item types in a vault will auto-identify as soon as you enter the vault, obviating the need to sequentially pick up and drop each such item.

When monkeys steal darts or other stackable weapons, they will steal only half of the stack at a time as long as you have more than three. Charms are less common. Otherwise it just burns. Weapons of multiplicity can summon up to 7 images and armor of multiplicity can summon up to 5, in each case based on their enchantment level, up from a maximum of 3. Diagonal movement is permitted around all terrain except for walls and obstruction crystals.

In other words, you can now step diagonally around statues, caged altars, wooden barricades, etc. Tossing an item into lava will result in a one-cell gout of flame, which can ignite flammable gas clouds.

Items carried by monsters are now always identified in the monster details display. Attempting to move while confused and next to lava will prompt the player for confirmation, as will attempting to drink a potion that is known to be bad. Saved games load about twice as quickly. Allies and other monsters are less likely to clip through walls in a variety of contexts, including upon summoning and when moving between depths. Enemy monsters are again willing to cast offensive spells at allies that have learned reflection.

Wands of plenty are now generated with charges, like wands of domination, instead of charges. Polymorph will no longer generate liches or phoenixes, to avoid odd outcomes with phylacteries and phoenix eggs.

Phoenix eggs have twice as much health, and phoenixes do more damage. Fixed several potential causes of out-of-sync errors. Fixed a few bugs related to vault generation edge cases. Fixed a bug that could cause the player's armor value to display as negative, even though it cannot go below zero.

Fixed a bug that allowed you to spend a scroll of identify on a charm. Fixed a bug that caused the duration of entrancement to be shorter than it should be. Fixed a bug that caused weakened monsters to hit more accurately instead of less accurately though their damage output and defense were correctly lowered. Fixed a bug that could cause high-level charms of protection to provide too much shielding and potentially destabilize the game, and rebalanced the charm of protection to offer more benefit at lower enchantment levels.

Fixed a bug that caused monsters to wander back and forth repeatedly by rewriting the wandering code from scratch. Removed experience from the game to reward exploration instead of combat, in part to avoid discouraging character builds that survive by avoiding or incapacitating monsters instead of killing them.

Potions of healing are now potions of life, and in addition to healing you, they permanently increase your maximum health. Their frequency is now tightly controlled, like scrolls of enchanting and potions of strength. Each can be activated periodically for a non-targeted effect. New potion, the potion of invisibility. New weapon type, the rapier, which attacks twice as quickly as ordinary weapons. New armor runic, armor of dampening, which renders you immune to explosions though not to flame.

Reduced the frequency of treasure rooms to its former, pre Increased the accuracy progression of weapon enchantment to a compounding 6. The items that monsters drop are all pre-determined at the start of the game, to prevent different players playing the same seed from finding different items. Monsters will also no longer drop food. Depths from have only two lumenstones each, and depths after that have only one lumenstone each. Fixed a bug that prevented hidden pit traps from being permanently discovered when you fell through them.

Fixed a bug that could cause allies and occasionally players and items to fall through the ground when activating extending bridges. Fixed a bug that could prevent phoenix eggs from hatching. Fixed a bug that could cause out-of-sync errors when attempting to throw an equipped weapon, confirming at the confirmation box and then canceling during targeting. Fixed an issue that could cause foliage and rings to appear as colorful emoticons under Mac OS Many thanks to Joe Wreschnig and Dennis Gentry for their assistance in solving this issue.

Weapons of slaying will never miss their intended target, and will not be generated for bloats of any kind. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Etymology on the cutting edge. A look at its gassy origins. Smart advice on modifying adjectives. And is one way more correct than the others?

The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Words to improve your Scrabble game. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? First Known Use of brogue Noun 1 , in the meaning defined at sense 1 Noun 2 , in the meaning defined above.

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History and Etymology for brogue. Noun (1) Irish bróg & Scottish Gaelic bròg, from Middle Irish bróc, probably from Old Norse brōk leg covering; akin to Old English brōc leg covering — more at breech. Noun (2) Irish barróg accent, speech impediment, literally, wrestling hold, tight grip. Brogue definition, an Irish accent in the pronunciation of English. See more. brogue 1 (brōg) n. 1. A heavy shoe of untanned leather, formerly worn in Scotland and Ireland. 2. A strong oxford shoe, usually with ornamental perforations or wingtips. [Irish and Scottish Gaelic bróg, from Old Irish bróc, shoe, possibly from Old Norse brōk, legging, or from Old English brōc; see breech.] brogue 2 (brōg) n. A strong dialectal.